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Tillsonburg Pregnancy Chiropractic

Couple with hands on pregnant bellyThrough all stages of your pregnancy, you do all you can do be careful when it comes to your health. With chiropractic, you can receive safe, natural care to help with a variety of pregnancy-related concerns.

The Many Changes Of Pregnancy

Your baby rests in the uterus, which is attached to the pelvis and lower back by ligaments. 10-14 weeks into pregnancy, the hormone relaxin floods your body. The position of your uterus can be shifted due to a pull from these ligaments, which can affect your baby’s ability to drop down in the pelvis with their head down.

Your pelvic bones and center of gravity will shift as your baby grows, too. Pregnancy can be painful from these many changes, including an increase in your weight. The most common forms of discomfort are in the hips, low back and mid-back. You’re growing a new human – it makes sense that there could be some pain involved!

But with chiropractic, you can better manage these difficulties and mitigate aches, pains and conditions such as pubis symphysis.

Breech Babies

When your baby is stuck in an improper position or not moving as they should toward the end of your pregnancy, it’s referred to as being in the breech position. Many breech babies have a lack of uterine space. Dr. Lindsey will gently work with the ligaments that attach to the uterus and your pelvis to optimize space for the baby.

Additionally, this will ensure your baby has a clear pathway to enter the world. So it’s not just about your comfort during pregnancy – chiropractic may also promote a better both experience for Mom and Baby alike!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I need to come in?

Your visits with us will depend on your situation and the stage in pregnancy you’re at. Toward the end, we may recommend more frequent visits, typically weekly. You may need more care if you want to get your baby out of breech position or if your condition is severe. If you’re under care for general wellness, you likely won’t need a high frequency of visits.

How can I be adjusted?

You will be given comfortable pregnancy pillows that enable you to lie safely on your stomach. Your safety is always a priority here! We’ll never do anything to compromise you or your baby’s health.

How will you know what I need?

Every new patient starts off with a thorough assessment. This process ensures you’re a good candidate for what we do.

Will you recommend any supplements I should take?

During pregnancy, your nutrition is important. Dr. Lindsey will advise you on the appropriate supplements to take.

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