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What to Expect at Meyer Chiropractic

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Your First Visit

Your very first visit to our Tillsonburg office will be a discovery process to determine the source of your health concerns. When you enter Meyer Chiropractic, you will be welcomed by our chiropractic assistant and complete a detailed health history.

You will then experience a thorough consultation and spinal examination with Dr. Paul including the use of our computer diagnostic scans. This will determine any abnormal alignment and motion patterns and how these could be detrimentally affecting your central and peripheral nervous systems and subsequent organ function.

If any further imaging studies are required they will be arranged.

Your Second Visit – The Doctors Report

After the initial visit, the results of your examination will be compared to an exhaustive list of patients with similar complaints who have achieved success in the past.

This allows us to be certain that the recommendations we make will afford you the greatest opportunity for relief of the initial complaint and in the process maximize your potential and state of well being in all aspects of your life.

At the Doctors Report, Dr. Paul will give a detailed overview of how structural and tonal chiropractic care works. He will review the results of your examination and scans and make recommendations.

As a part of the comprehensive service provided by our office, all new patients, family and friends are invited to attend a 30 minute philosophy night where additional secrets on health and healing are shared.

Regular Visits

A typical visit to our office once beginning chiropractic care only takes a few minutes. An adjustment doesn’t require much time, but it is what allows your body to begin the healing process. Adjustments are gentle and specific and like dental braces designed to make architectural change.

We recognize your time is valuable. So we do everything possible to run on time and minimize the impact on your busy life.

Don’t wait! Contact Meyer Chiropractic today to get started with care.